Experience the most unique whisky event of 2018

This whisky tasting is promising to be a unique experience. Getting the 3 Legends of Whisky together on one day for a whisky tasting took quite some time to prepare. Despite the fact that they are all in their sixties and seventies, they have busy calendars. That alone makes it a unique event.
In addition, they know each other from a lifetime in the whisky industry and complement each other both in terms of knowledge and performance. All three of them have earned their spurs in the whisky world.

Richard Paterson is mainly employed by Whyte & Mackay as a blender. Whyte & Mackay own distilleries such as Jura, Dalmore, Fettercairn and Tamnavulin. Dalmore is the flagship of the four and Richard has selected some of the most expensive whiskies in the world over the last few years, of which bottles worth € 150.000 or more were no exception. In addition to his vast knowledge of the influence of wood on the taste and colour of whisky, he is also a great performer and showman. 
David Stewart has worked his whole live at Grants, owner of distilleries Glenfiddich, the Balvenie, Kininvie, Girvan and Ailsa Bay. He was involved in the decision to launch Glenfiddich as the first Scottish Single Malt whisky, marketed in 1962.  He is the inventor of the Glenfiddich Solera system and masterminded the famous and most sold Balvenie, the Balvenie Double Wood. His successor is Brian Kinsman, who has been trained by David for 10 years, however, David is still responsible for all the Balvenie expressions, a quiet thoughtful and friendly man, with a great deal of knowledge of whisky that he loves to share.

Jim McEwan is mostly known for his time at Bruichladdich, the Islay distillery that was reopened in 2001, grew and became an icon in 10 years time and was then sold in 2016 to Remy Martin. Before his adventure at Bruichladdich he had a long career at Bowmore, the oldest distillery on Islay and also a leading brand. There are few people who can speak so passionately about whisky and Islay as Jim. He is an entertainer at heart and a career as a stand-up comedian would not have been out of place if he had not ended up in the whisky business. His career shows he has gone through all the facets of whisky making; from cooper to manager, from distiller to world brand ambassador.

What these men have in common is a passion for and knowledge of whisky but also the gift to share this knowledge, each one in his own way.

From the available stock of barrels we will be tasting from two vessels, which each Legend has been responsible for and they have selected specially for this event.

It really doesn’t get any better than this.

At the event, there will be a musical interlude by the most famous musicians on Islay.

The event will last approximately 2 hours, after which there will be enough time to talk with the Legends, take a selfie and have a book or bottle signed.

In the goody bag that is waiting for you at the end of the event, there will be some miniature bottles of the whisky brands the Legends represent, a whisky cord with logo and a special book publication about the Legends of Whisky. Furthermore you can take with you the 6 Glencairn glasses that you receive during the event.

In short, this really is the most unique whisky event of 2018!